Chronic Pictures is visual reinforcement to architecture.
We are licensed architects, art school graduates and design enthusiasts
who strive to explore each projects unique character.
We offer stills, animations and design consultancy.
And most of all we believe that
„The beautiful is as useful as the useful. Perhaps more so.“ Victor Hugo

Learning from our Chefs
Zaha Hadid schooled us appetite for more,
Massimiliano Fuksas flavoured our Arrabiata
and Ben van Berkel showed us his Heineken fridge.
These exquisite business insights help us cook our own dish in Vienna.

Prevention is better than cure
That´s why we aim for sharp roadmaps and clear task progression.
Communication is our key to perform within tight pipelines.
Sometimes a carte blanche does the job as well.

We always look for talented people to collaborate with.
Send us your portfolio!